WEEE’ll Take It Back For Free!

Glynn’s Tuam Ltd. will take back your Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) on a one-for-one, like-for-like basis, free of charge at the time of delivery or at any one of our stores in Co. Galway and Co. Mayo.


Does this service cover batteries?

Waste batteries including rechargeable batteries are taken back in store on a one-for-zero basis (i.e. no purchase required) as long as they are of equivalent type to that sold by us.


Where else can I return old appliances or batteries?

WEEE and waste batteries can also be returned to your local civic amenity site free of charge.

The following link will show you how to find the civic amenity site closest to you where you can recycle your WEEE, batteries and light bulbs: https://www.weeeireland.ie/household-recycling/where-can-i-recycle/.


Never put WEEE, batteries or light bulbs in any of your bins.


WEEE/Battery Retailer Registration Cert No: 34730


WEEE Recycling Contribution

Included in the prices of electrical appliances on this site is a contribution to a Product Recycling Fund to ensure that waste electrical and electronic equipment is collected and recycled in a responsible manner.

Displayed costs relating to the environmentally sound management of WEEE from private households arising from electrical and electronic equipment placed on the market in the State for the following categories of EEE:

  • Category 1.1 (€10) - American Side by Side/American Style Refrigerators;
  • Category 1.2, 1.2a and 1.3 (€5) - All large domestic appliances;
  • Category 4.1 (€5) - large TVs (32” or larger);
  • Category 5.1 (€0.15) - fluorescent lamps; and
  • Category 5.2 (€0.05) - LED light sources.

Full category listings are available on the WEEE Register Society Website at: http://www.weeeregister.ie/news/weee-register-society-category-listing-5.6.

 'Price of LEDlights/bulbs includes a contribution to recycling costs of €0.05.'